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The track record shows that formal training in the brushplating process is essential to obtaining consistently excellent results with your LDC Brush Plating System.

Proper training, no matter what brush plating application you require, will ultimately save you and your company time and money by decreasing or eliminating the number of rework jobs.

For this reason, training is offered free of charge, at designated facilities.  These courses, both basic and advanced, are designed to meet all requirements of MIL-STD 865C & MIL-STD 2197 (SH).  Upon succesful completion of such a course the student will receive certification pertaining to these standards.

All companies that contract to the U.S. Government or operate within their guidelines; which includes certifying work to MIL-STD 865C or similar, must ensure that their technicians are certified and then re-certified on an annual basis.

Scheduled classes are offered at both both LDC's training center (Norfolk, Virginia) and at W.R. Associates (WRA) facility (Carlsbad, California).

Below are the details concerning the class schedule for 2000

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Customized training courses, to meet your company's schedule and/or application(s), can be arranged at your facility, worldwide. On site training courses usually last 2 to 5 days time, depending on the application and the number of operators to be trained.  Training at your facility offers several more advantages.   Usually more trainees can attend including foremen, engineers, and supervisors.   Your employees will learn to brush plate with your own equipment and on your specific parts.  It also allows you to plate actual parts during training to help acheive a faster pay back on your investment.

Below is a partial list of specific courses which have been taught on request.

  • Plating Tool Design

  • Electric Motor Repair

  • Pit and Score Repair Hydraulics)

  • Mold Repair

  • Cadmium Touch-Up (Aerospace)

  • Large Roll Repair

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