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LDC-HTC³ is a trivalent chrome that produces longer lasting deposits, increased solution life,improves part wearability and is environmentally friendly. LDC-HTC³ Chrome is the only brush plating solution that can produce a hard chrome deposit thicker than .0005 inches, from a trivalent bath.

There are Tank Chrome platers in many states being forced to close by the EPA.  Brush Plating provides a solution that is superior in quality, cost and environmental impact!

LDC is constantly striving to improve our line of plating solutions.  We do this through improved performance, quality, and by lessening the environmental impact.  Presently, LDC's Tin-Zinc and Zinc-Nickel solutions are being evaluated as possible cadmium replacements.  Stay tuned!

Contact us about the LDC Brush Plating Safety Manual.


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