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Liquid Development Company., LDC, has been a leading manufacturer of quality plating tools, replacement annodes ad solutions since 1978. LDC's plating tools consisit of a a stainless steel insulated handlewith a graphite anode. LDC has developed several standard handles, each of which can be used with several types of anodes.  The larger handles are equipped with the solution flow capabiblities.  LDC anodes are fabricated with the highest quality grades of graphiteand come in varying sizes and configurations.  LDC can custom design and fabricate anodes to meet your specific needs.  Contact your local LDC representative for assistance in choosing the correct size and shape anode you need to acheive a fast uniform deposit.

    New Lightweight LDC Handles
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  • S-1/8 for RS and RP-1/8

  • S-1/4 for RC, RS and RP-1/4 Anodes

  • S-1/2 for RC, RS and RP-1/2 Anodes

  • SA for A HRI and HR Series Anodes

  • CF for IA, HRJ, GF and FGF Series Anodes

  • CF-1 for Large Anodes wp to 200 amp.

  • CF-90 same as CF configured for tight areas

  • "A" Adapter converts S1/2 to SA Handle

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