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 Salvage and Repair . . .
with Selective Portable Electroplating

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HYDRAULIC MAST REPAIRS . . . In most cases, hydraulic components can be selective plated and hand finished while the part is still on the machine. In the case of repair to a hydraulic cylinder liner which is an I.D., it must be dismantled in order to have access to the area. It can then be selective plated and finished.

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REDUCTION GEAR BEARING SADDLE REPAIRS . . . These saddles are repaired in place with Copper. The repair is completed by hand scraping the Copper back to size. Alternative methods are more time consuming and result in replacement of the housing after only 2 or 3 repairs.

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ELECTRIC MOTOR END BELL REPAIRS . . . Electric motor end bells, or any bearing retaining housing can be salvaged with selective brush plating. In most cases, no pre or post machining is required. On large internal diameters an out of round condition can be corrected by selectively plating the specific amount of Copper or Nickel using the ampere/hour meter on LDC power packs On smaller motors, such as aircraft, Tin is used to limit vibrational noise and reduce RFI.

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MAIN MARINE DRIVE SHAFT REPAIRS . . . This main drive shaft from a U.S. Navy ship weighed 65 tons. An area 5' in diameter x 18" wide had been damaged by fretting and corrosion. The shaft was plated with LDC-2901 Copper .075", thick, then machined to .010" undersize. The shaft was selectively plated with LDC-2803 High Speed Nickel .015" thick and ground to 16 RMS finish. Two anodes l8" X 18" with a radius conforming to the area were used and the solution was fed by two 300 series pumps. Two LDC-1000 ampere power packs provided the DC Power.


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