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The Advantages of Brush Plating


jet.gif (37750 bytes)Advantages of Brush Plating

Brush Plating should be considered whenever industry builds metals for repair or resizing, or for mechanical or corrosion resistant properties.   The plating technician can take equipment used in brush plating to the work, often avoiding disassembly, reassembly, and downtime.  Brush plating, or selective plating as it is also known, affords numerous benefits over other metal repair processes such as welding, thermal praying, or bath electroplating including:

  • Portability, the ability to move the equipment to the work rather than the work to outside vendors
  • Ease of operation
  • Capability for very rapid metal build-up
  • Disassembly of machinery/parts minimized
  • Reduces amount of masking required as with bath electroplating
  • Permits plating of parts too large for normal plating tanks
  • The ability to coat to size with little or no post-machining in most cases
  • Excellent adhesion to most base materials
  • Dense coatings
  • Minimization of hydrogen embrittlement
  • The ability to add metal without thermal distortion
  • Thickness control from 0.00001" (0.25 microns)
  • Touch-up of plated coatings without need to strip and replate the entire part
  • Reduces waste disposal problems since minimal volumes of waste are involved
  • Compliance with most Federal (US) and Commercial Specifications
  • Brush Plating can deposit 16 standard metals and an unlimited number of alloys onto almost any base metal or alloy
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